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Bubble Beatz Bubble Beatz
Wenn Musik Grenzen Łberschreitet, dann wird es richtig spannend. Das Ostschweizer Klangkollektiv Bubble Beatz tut dies a...
Subway To The Rubbish Club DVD Bubble Beatz
Electro / Disco 30.09.2010 33 CHF / 22 €

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We Call It Skweee We Call It Skweee
DVD-Video, PAL We Call It Skweee' is a film about music, people and scandinavia by Iacopo Patierno and David Giese. 6...
We Call It Skweee DVD Genome Inc
(GINC 001)
Electro / Disco 07.05.2010 26 CHF / 18 €

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Cinematic Orchestra Cinematic Orchestra
The 1929 silent movie with a new soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra. Directed by Dziga Vertov, by kind permission of ...
Man With A Movie Camera (re-issue) DVD Ninja Tune
Dope Beats / Headz 06.11.2009 37 CHF / 25 €

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Four Tet Four Tet Play Turtle Turtle Up (MP3)
Back In Stock An unusual companion piece to Four Tet`s lauded 2005 full-length outing, EVERYTHING ECSTATIC, PART...
Everything Ecstatic (CD + DVD) CD Domino Rec.
(DOM DVD 003)
Electro / Disco 23.10.2009 39 CHF / 26 €

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Boards of Canada Boards of Canada
DVD Single in outer Space!...
Dayvan Cowboy DVD Warp
(WAP 200DP)
Ambient / IDM 03.04.2009 10 CHF / 7 €

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Dubstep Documentary Dubstep Documentary Play Big Head Slags (MP3)
Dubfiles presents the first DVD dubstep documentary which takes a look inside the world of Dubstepís most prolific DJís,...
Various (CD+DVD) DVD Dub Files
(DF 001)
Dubstep 10.10.2008 40 CHF / 25 €

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Hawtin Richie Hawtin Richie
The launch of this new DVD special series, Slices - Pioneers of Electronic Music celebrates in detail the life and work ...
Pioneers Of Electronic Music Vol.1 (Slices Mag) DVD Electronic Beats
(EB DVD SP001)
Minimal & Tech-House 13.06.2008 26 CHF / 18 €

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Kill Rock Stars Kill Rock Stars
Itís the newest video fanzine from Kill Rock Stars and 5RC! In DVD form! The first new fanzine in five long years and it...
Video Fanzine Nr 3 DVD Kill Rock Stars
(KRS 400)
Independent Pop & Rock 03.01.2007 30 CHF / 20 €

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Pavement Pavement
Matador Records and Plexifilm have teamed up on SLOW CENTURY, the long-awaited Pavement retrospective. This two-DVD set ...
Slow Century DVD Domino Rec.
(DOM DVD 001)
Independent Pop & Rock 03.01.2007 41 CHF / 28 €

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WS50 WS50
Stardate 2004: The landscape of independent music is littered with the remains of small, start-up labels once eagerly en...
The Video Album DVD Word Sound
(WS CD 50)
Dub / Reggae 03.01.2007 32 CHF / 21 €

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Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
The DVD Doppel-CD Domino Rec.
(DOMDVD 002)
Independent Pop & Rock 19.04.2006 40 CHF / 26 €

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Caribou Caribou
Fresh Dan Snaith (aka Caribou (aka the artist formerly known as Manitoba)) has a Phd in pure maths. When that chu...
Marino The Videos DVD Leaf
(BAY 55 DVD)
Independent Pop & Rock 01.12.2005 43 CHF / 28 €

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Sednaoui Stephane Sednaoui Stephane
Stephane Sednaoui has become one of the most internationally renowned photographers and directors since his introduction...
The Work Of Director Vol. 7 DVD Palm Pictures
Various Styles 09.10.2005 32 CHF / 21 €

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